Why Remodel the Kitchen When You Can Simply Refinish the Cabinets?

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Sure, you want your Long Beach home to look its best at all times, yet taking on a kitchen remodeling job is quite a project. Aside from being messy and expensive, it can end up being quite time consuming. All of that is why so many homeowners are making the wise choice to renovate their cabinets, instead of their entire culinary space.

Did you know that brand new cabinets can consume as much as 40% of your kitchen remodeling budget? Let's face the fact that your cabinets are a main component of your kitchen; they offer much needed storage as well as become the focal point. Yet, by changing your cabinets, with a much more cost-effective alternative to replacement, that alone could give your kitchen the new look that you have been seeking out.

Understanding the Benefits

So you want to change up the appearance of your kitchen, but you are not sure that you want a full scale renovation job. Since your cabinets are the biggest component of this space, as well as the focal point in most instances, why not just replace them? Better yet, why not skip replacement altogether and opt for refinishing?

Here's why that makes so much sense:

First and foremost, this is a budget saving move if ever there was one. Replacing your cabinets is a fraction of the expense that a kitchen remodeling job is. Yet, refinishing the cabinets that you already have is even less costly than replacement of your current cabinets.

In this day and age, it is important to take any steps possible to be more environmentally responsible. Replacement of your existing cabinets that are in otherwise good condition means adding all of this unusable material to the landfill. However, refinishing what you already have in place is the ultimate way to make a more Eco-friendly choice.

This is the least invasive alternative you have, as well. Replacement means taking the time to tear everything down that is already in place. That eats up valuable time and adds to the mess and noise. Refinishing provides you with a way to get a whole new look, in a fraction of the time, and without any of the mess or noise associated with replacement.

It still provides you with a wide variety of color options. You get to pick the new color or stain to compliment your wood, as well as work cohesively with your kitchen. You may even want to opt for new hardware to make the look really feel new.

Seek Out the Best in Service

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