Furniture Repair Los Angeles

Furniture Repair Los Angeles

Furniture Repair Los Angeles

Part of having the finer things in life means finding the right company to take care of services like Furniture Repair Los Angeles. Preserving historical pieces and family heirlooms is what makes a house a home and what makes that home stand out from the rest. The last thing that you want is to simply settle for modern day, store bought pieces when you can own antiques that speak volumes for your refined taste. Yet sometimes, these pieces already have had a lifetime worth of experiences, leaving them in a state of disrepair.

This certainly does not mean that you give up on them, throw in the towel and replace such classic furnishings. Instead, it means that you trust in us to take care of your items and help to repair, restore and preserve them for you. This enables these furnishings to grace your home for years, if not decades, to come, as well as become your own heirlooms to pass down through the generations. The only name that you need to know, in order to make that happen, is Dan the Furniture Repair Man.

Furniture Repairs in Los Angeles

Quality furniture is built to withstand the tests of time. Of course sometimes that still means that a two year old with a crayon can do a tremendous amount of damage. We understand that life happens, or that sometimes the pieces arrive to you already in this state, and all that you want to be able to do is restore these pieces to a good as new condition. This is where Dan the Furniture Repair Man comes into the picture.

This owner operator business is the number one choice for a variety of reasons, including the fact that our founder has over 40 years of experience behind him. You can feel good about entrusting our pros to handle your preservation needs, starting with furniture repairs. Keep the elegance of the stunning classic pieces you have without having to live with them in an “as is” condition. We will provide you with the level of quality and excellence that you want, need and should be able to expect, for this type of work.

Los Angeles Antique Furniture Restoration

There is simply nothing as stunning and precious as antiques pieces, yet sometimes this means employing an expert to handle your need for furniture restoration Los Angeles. Yet, this is not the type of job that you should pass off to just anyone who claims to understand the inner workings of the delicate world of preserving antique pieces. Dan the Furniture Repair Man knows exactly what it takes to provide this type of service and end up with the best results possible. Don't ever settle for less than the best when it comes to your furniture repair Los Angeles; let us provide you with the exceptional level of service you expect.

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Los Angeles, CA

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What Los Angeles Customers Say About Us

"T5.0 star rating 6/14/2016 - Dan repaired a mid-century modern armchair with a splintered arm/leg for me. It was a complicated job due to the upholstery. He did it with mastery - looks fantastic - you can't see where it had been broken. In addition, he picked it up at my home and once it was repaired, he returned it. What a relief to NOT have to transport it and pick it up from him. Dan also was responsive -- promptly returned emails and texts and showed up when he said he would. I have given him 2 more chairs to restore."

-Ms. Catherine E. Los Angeles, CA | Rated: 5/5

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