Cabinet Repair and Refinishing

Long Beach Furniture Repair

If you're interested in keeping your kitchen looking great and making sure that it's totally functional, then one of your priorities is keeping keeping your Long Beach cabinets in great shape. Your kitchen cabinets have a huge effect on the appearance and functionality of your kitchen, so if they're in poor condition, then it's very important that you have them repaired or refinished. At Dan the Furniture Repair Man, our professional Long Beach repair contractors can help you keep your cabinets in the best condition possible at all times.

All of our contractors are licensed professionals with extensive training and experience, so we'll always be able to keep your cabinets in the best condition possible. Our team of experts will work hard to provide you with the highest quality furniture repairs possible, no matter how small or large the job is.

Contact us today to begin your cabinet repair or refinishing project, and we'll be looking forward to working with you.

Cabinet Refacing

In many cases, the cabinet frames and boxes are still in great condition while the doors and drawer-fronts need to be repaired, refinished, or replaced. In this case, our professionals can offer cabinet refacing services. We'll reface the cabinets to improve the appearance of your kitchen while leaving the interior of the cabinets alone in order to save you time and money.

We can help you decide if refacing services are right for your cabinets, and whether it would also beneficial to have your cabinet boxes and trim painted or refinished during the process.

Cabinet Refinishing Process

Our cabinet refinishing process includes the following steps:

  • Removal of cabinet doors
  • Stripping down of cabinets and doors
  • Priming, painting, and/or staining cabinetry
  • Stripping, painting, and /or staining the frames
  • Installation of new hardware, knobs, handles, etc.
  • Replacement of doors and completion of project.

This process completely revamps your kitchen's cabinetry, but it requires a fraction of the time and cost of replacing the cabinets. Our professionals will be able to assess the condition of your cabinets and work with you to determine how intensive the cabinet repairs and refinishing services should be. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure that you're completely satisfied with the final results.

Cabinet Repairs

Your cabinet suffer damage at any time, whether it's moisture damage or regular wear and tear. Our Long Beach furniture repair contractors will be able to find and repair and damage that has occurred to your cabinets. We'll make sure that they're in great shape so that they can be totally attractive and functional.

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