Santa Fe Springs Furniture Repairs

Santa Fe Springs Furniture Repair

Making your house a home could come down to the Santa Fe Springs furniture repairs service provider that you choose. It is the details inside your four walls that really help to create the look and feel that you want and that rarely comes from having brand new manufactured furniture. It is about having showcase pieces or family heirlooms that offer a unique sense of character and speak volumes about who you are as a family. So, you will be glad to know that you have already found the solution to your service needs - Dan the Furniture Repair Man.

As an owner operated outfit, we are able to provide each client with the personal and individual care that they need and deserve. Yet, we also bring with us history and experience, with our founder having four plus decades of hands on expertise in the industry. All of this should make you feel confident about choosing us to take care of your service needs, so all you have to do to get started is give us a call today.

Furniture Repairs in Santa Fe Springs

There is no reason to send your classic furnishings to the furniture graveyard just because they are in need of some repairs. Stop wasting money on new furniture when we can repair, restore and preserve what you already have, for so much less. This is the more affordable option that also happens to be the more eco-friendly one. The restoration process is much more green than the furniture manufacturing one; so make the smart choice that also happens to be the one that is kinder to the environment (as well as on your wallet.)

This is where our experts at Dan the Furniture Repair Man can be there for you, to offer another alternative, and possibly one that you had never thought of before. We can take care of a wide variety of tasks, for multiple materials, such as glass, leather or wood. Plus, you will be glad to know that we also have a mobile service available to take care of many of your repair needs, on site and quickly. Don't give up on your classic furnishings, just pass them off to us to handle for you.

Santa Fe Springs Upholstery Repairs

One of the most amazing services we offer is our upholstery repairs because it enables us to salvage pieces people had long since given up on. When we say that we cover Santa Fe Springs furniture repairs, that includes high quality upholstery fixes too. Dan the Furniture Repair Man is the only name that you need to know, in order to get the high quality results that you want and should be able to expect.

Furniture Restoration Projects Completed in Santa Fe Springs, CA

Santa Fe Springs, CA

Dan the Furniture Repair Man provides the following services:

If you are looking for furniture repairs in the Santa Fe Springs area then please call 310-591-6617 or complete our online request form.