Norwalk Furniture Repairs

restored dresser norwalkIs your furniture in bad shape and, thus, bringing down the overall look of your Norwalk home? If it is, call Norwalk's experienced furniture refinishing experts at Dan the Furniture Repair Man. We offer refinishing services for modern and antique furniture, so you can count on us to get all of your furniture, new and old, looking its best.

Dependable Furniture Refinishing Services in Norwalk, CA

Your furniture serves two purposes: a functional and an aesthetic one. Unfortunately, your furniture's functionality can harm its aesthetics. And when that happens, your entire Norwalk home's aesthetic could suffer. To get your home looking great, call for our furniture refinishing services when you need them.

Antique Refinishing Services in Norwalk

For all intents and purposes, your antique furniture pieces are irreplaceable. That's why you'll want to keep your antiques in great condition. And if your antiques are looking like antiques (in a bad way), call our experienced team today. In no time, we'll get your antiques looking beautiful and new once more.

Furniture Restoration Projects Completed in Norwalk, CA

Norwalk, CA

Dan the Furniture Repair Man provides the following services:

If you are looking for furniture repairs in the Norwalk area then please call 310-591-6617 or complete our online request form.